Post-Surgery Care: Caring for Your Loved One After Surgery

Post-Surgery Care: Caring for Your Loved One After Surgery

Surgery is a treatment option that many patients take advantage of for certain medical conditions, especially those that are already severe. The doctor will evaluate a patient’s condition and determine whether to proceed with surgery or not.

Whatever medical condition your loved one may be going through surgery for, one thing is for sure. The period following the surgery will be a crucial time. Most families will opt to engage home health care in Lincolnwood, IL for post-surgery care services. Through these services, your loved one will receive appropriate care at home from reliable professionals such as a home health aide in Illinois.

If you wish to extend a helping hand to your loved one after his or her surgery, the following are care tips you can use.

  • Prepare the home ahead of time.

    You don’t want your loved one to come home to an unorganized residence. It can only stress him or her out, aggravating his or her health. Clean the home beforehand, especially the bedroom. This way, upon arrival, your loved one can just immediately lie down on the bed and rest.

  • Talk to the doctor about post-surgery care instructions.

    There surely will be do’s and don’ts that the patient has to follow. If possible, discuss post-surgery care instructions with the doctor. This way, your loved one will not have to think about anything other than getting better.

  • Serve healthy food.

    A variety of whole and healthy food can help speed up recovery since the body gets all the nutrients it needs. Before serving meals to the patient, make sure that you take their dietary restrictions into consideration if any.

  • Provide physical support.

    Your family member will most likely become physically weak after the surgery. Any strenuous activity while recuperating will be prohibited. If the patient requires physical support with transferring or walking, give the assistance necessary. You may also have to do tasks yourself, especially those that require lots of effort and strength.

  • Help manage pain.

    Check with the doctor about pain management techniques and follow them. Whether medications, hot packs or massages, do your best to offer a helping hand.

  • Help prevent infection.

    Infections on the surgical wound can develop if proper care is not observed. Follow what the doctor tells you about prevention of infections. Engaging the help of a home health care agency will also help.

  • Let your loved one get plenty of rest.

    Recuperating equates to getting plenty of rest. Limit noise or distractions to help your loved one rest.

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